Sell Your Horse At YOUR Price Right Now

Sell Your Horse At YOUR Price Right Now

If you’d like to get full market value for your trotter or pacer and pay absolutely 
NO commissions or fees, you have your buyer right here!

Black Magic Racing has bought dozens of racehorses for tremendously high prices.

We are buying high end horses that are currently racing. 
Prices anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 are considered.

If you’d like to sell your horse immediately, for absolute top dollar 
with no commissions or fees, simply enter your information below.

You will generally have a yes or no answer within hours and we can immediately wire you the funds for purchase.

We do not customarily negotiate prices, so simply enter your “bottom dollar price” for an immediate yes or no answer. We will generally buy if you are at true market value.

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We will get with you as quickly as possible if we'd like to give you your asking price.
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